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“Touch is the first language we speak.” – Stephen Gaskin

I remember when I came out from ‘Womb Inn’, the doctor carefully took me in his hands and placed me by my Mommy’s cheek. I was pink and warm and her cheek was cold (maybe because of the airconditioning in the room). I loved this touch. After I was whisked away from there, the nurses handled me very gently. I liked being touched. Finally, when I was united with Mommy, she cuddled me. Her loving touch worked like a ‘wonder drug’. It reduced all the stress I was going through. Some ‘feel good’ hormones were released in my body which helped me bond better.

For the many days after I came home, whenever I fussed or cried, Mommy would cuddle me and touch me lovingly. I started feeling calm and secure with her. Day by day I started recognising everyone’s touch. I knew who was with me by their touch. Each one had a positive loving touch which helped me to grow day by day.

Now that I am have become much aware of my surroundings I still like to touch things which fascinate me. The refrigerator has many colourful magnets. At first I used to be attracted by the colours. One day Mommy was very close to these magnets and I put out my hand and touched one of them.

Last week I was captivated with the Flamingo lampshade in the drawing-room. Mommy had switched it on and the pink flamingoes started glowing. It is a nice bright pink colour and once again I was fascinated by it. One afternoon Mommy and I were close to the lamp. I felt I would like to touch these glowing creatures. So I bent forward and tried to grab a flamingo. That day Mommy realised that I was attracted to bright colours and now I also wanted to touch not only them, but everything that catches my eye.

I also like to touch and explore new soft toys/ things (like my Dumbo) that Miss A, from time to time, keeps presenting me with. Today, I also explored my bright coloured rattle, which everyone thought was very heavy for me. Yes, I couldn’t pick it up but I touched and enjoyed playing with the bright yellow sun. I must confess that all that I touch is not always pleasing. I specifically don’t like my father’s touch, when he has not shaved. At that time he reminds me of a porcupine and I do get scared (of his quills). However, Miss A, Nani and Mommy always give the soft-soft feel.

Did you know that touch is actually the first language which babies speak and an important part of bonding? It helps us to grow. With each passing day, our nervous system is developing. This happens at an amazing pace and there are many connections which are taking place. These connections between the nerve cells help us to associate with the senses. Therefore, the way we feel, think and act all depends on our nervous system.

Thus a loving touch is very necessary for me!

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